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Why Is It So Popular To Become a Truck Driver?

become a truck driver
You may already know that truck driving is one lucrative career path that attracts many. Here's why it's popular to become a truck driver.

As of 2021, 3.49 million truck drivers were employed, a 3.7% increase from 2020. Trucks move approximately 72.2% of the freight by weight in the United States.

It’s never been a better time to become a truck driver. Truck drivers keep the economy moving, but there is a lot more to it than how important it is. That is why it is such a popular career choice today.

Why are so many people turning to truck driving as a new career path? There are lots of benefits when you choose a truck driving career. Here is the tip of the iceberg for what you can enjoy.

The Money

Salaries vary depending on many factors, including the company’s size, the opportunity’s location, and how much experience you have. According to Indeed, the average base salary for an American truck driver is $82,080 annually.

Transporting goods is in demand, making it a career with a steady income. Plus, many driver opportunities have bonuses when a route is available and no one else wants to take it. There are also plenty of opportunities offering incentive programs, where you receive a bonus for driving a particular distance or for holding an impressive safety record.


Delivering goods is unlike any other job opportunity in that you see many more places than you would working in one static location. Not only that, but you are being paid to travel. Over-the-road truck drivers get to see many areas of the United States.

If you wish, you could free up your time to see attractions and landmarks. Travel is an excellent advantage of being a truck driver, especially if you want to see new places.


It is easy to confuse job security and job stability. Both refer to staying with one employer for a long duration. However, job security means staying with an employer without disruption and gaining experience with one company.

Meanwhile, job stability is how the worker feels. Deep in your gut, you know that you will not be terminated. No matter the economic circumstances, even in a downturn, your job is safe.

The feeling of job stability leads to a better quality of life. You are not worried or stressed. You are more engaged and productive because your job and income are safe. 

Truck driving will give you confidence, and you will be happier.

Flexibility and Independence

You can own your work schedule and routes. Ultimately, you can choose the money you make depending on your options. While there are rules and regulations that drivers must adhere to in transportation, you can still choose the way you want to work based on your personal preferences.

Being a truck driver, you can choose your distance. If you want to be home with your family every night, there are opportunities for that.

Plus, there are no limits to your wardrobe. Wear what you want.


Not all employers offer benefits, especially when you are entry-level. When you become a truck driver, you can earn benefits like medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Some companies even offer paid holidays and vacation time.

Career Advancement

Once you get into truck driving and enjoy it, you can elevate your career path. There are opportunities for training that can lead to growing your career and attaining a higher salary.

One example is advancing to management. Another example is getting your certification to teach students at a truck driving school. Further, if you want to own your own business, you could opt to be an owner-operator; in this case, you run your own company.

Cost of Education

You must attend driving school and earn your CDL or Commercial Driver’s License for this role. To complete this, it should take about eight weeks.

Some employers may pay for you to take the CDL exam. Other employers may reimburse your tuition expenses. Once you earn a CDL, typically you can start working right away.

The cost of getting your CDL is far less than getting a bachelor’s degree. 

Truck Drivers Benefit the Global Economy

This is a rewarding career that benefits the world. Truck driving plays a critical role in the world. So does the role of loading and unloading.

You deliver things that people need. This includes food, clothes, gas, and medical supplies.

When you become a truck driver, you can feel blessed because you are helping many people with every trip you take. You are making a meaningful, positive impact on more people than you can by helping individuals one at a time.

Strong Sense of Community

There are many truck drivers just like you. They share your values and your lifestyle. You have so much more in common with your fellow truck drivers than you can ever imagine.

When you begin to network, you create a community. Having like-minded connections across the country is powerful. You will appreciate this sense of community.

Become a Truck Driver

When you become a truck driver, you can enjoy great pay, great benefits, independence, travel, and a strong sense of community. Now is the time to consider an exciting new career path.

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