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7 Tips for Succeeding in an ELDT Course

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Are you preparing to take an ELDT course soon? Read here for seven practical tips for succeeding in an ELDT course that are guaranteed to help you.

Are you planning to pursue a career as a truck driver? With an average annual salary of $77,517, driving trucks is one of the most popular jobs in the US. However, before you can hit the road, you must first get a commercial driver’s license.

To get your CDL, you must finish and pass Entry-Level Driver Training. It consists of theory and behind-the-wheels components. Effective February 7, 2022, the goal of the ELDT is to create safer roads by ensuring truck drivers receive enough training.

Are you ready to take your ELDT training and get that CDL? Read on to discover tips on how to succeed in an ELDT course!

1. Have Correct Expectations

Regardless of the setting, an ELDT course provides similar academic rigor. The content of the syllabus is the same regardless if the course is taken online or in a classroom setting. However, online courses offer the convenience of working on the course at your own pace any time and from anywhere.

To avoid falling behind, approach the lectures with this in mind. Although there have been no set training hours by the FMCSA, most drivers take between a few days and a few weeks to finish the course, depending on how much time they spend on it each day.

In the theory curriculum, the federal mandate orders instruction in different areas. These areas include basic operations, safe operating practices, and advanced operating practices. Further, you need to finish lectures about vehicle systems and non-driving activities.

To determine your comprehension of the material, the training provider conducts an assessment. You must achieve 80% on the exam to pass the course. When it comes to the behind-the-wheel components, you must meet the standards of the training provider.

2. Review the Syllabus

Reviewing the syllabus is crucial for every course. The syllabus is a document that outlines vital information about a class. Often, it includes topic coverage, materials needed, and the course objectives.

Reviewing it can improve learning, engagement, experience, and performance. It also allows for meaningful communication between the trainee and trainer. So, what should you expect to learn in an ELDT course?

Based on the mandate, the number of subjects you must learn depends on your CDL class. For Class A CDLs, there are 30 specific topics covered in the course. On the flip side, there are 29 topics for a Class B CDL.

In basic operation, you learn about vehicle inspections, basic control, and docking. For more information, check out this article on CDL online courses.

3. Know Your Resources

If you opt for an online ELDT course, you need several things. Often, training providers offer video and audio lectures whereby you can learn about different topics. In addition, other resources are accessible online.

For online courses you need a stable internet connection and a working device. The good thing about Online CDL Course is that our courses are accessible on mobile devices, so they can be read or listened to on your smartphone. As a result, you can read or listen to them anywhere at any time.

If you miss a part, you can always play it back. Moreover, this allows you to play it in the background if you have something else to do.

4. Set Goals

To get your Commercial Driver’s License, you must finish your ELDT and CDL training. You can do this by enrolling in a driving school or taking an online course. If you opt for the latter, you have control over when to finish it.

However, the common problem with a self-paced program is taking a long time to complete it. If you have other prior responsibilities, you can lose track of time and forget what you need to do. To keep your studying drive active, set your goals.

Goal setting triggers new behaviors, improves focus, and sustains momentum. In addition, it allows you to measure your progress and improve what you lack. To do this, list all your goals for truck driving.

You can write when you want to finish the training and get your CDL. For better tracking, create a timeframe. By demonstrating effort and passion, you can guarantee that you will achieve your goal.

5. Manage Yourself

Although convenient and flexible, taking an online course is a challenge. In this setting, you can get distracted and slack off. To keep your focus, learn to manage yourself.

First, you must stay organized. Some trainees write their notes on scratch paper. To avoid losing them, dedicate a notebook and place it in a specific area.

If you prefer to take notes using a device, store all your files in a folder. This allows you to keep your learning environment organized. Apart from organizing, you must display good time management skills.

With the number of topics to learn in ELDT, it can take some time to finish the course. To ease the load, schedule when to study an area. Further, determine when to review the materials.

6. Seek Help When Needed

If you find it hard to learn the materials alone, seek help from the trainers. As an entry-level driver, there are terms or concepts unfamiliar to you, so applying an improper interpretation can lead to confusion.

In this situation, it’s best to consult the training provider. Doing so allows you to understand the lessons better and guarantee success. When you have questions about our online course, you can contact our trainers by phone or email.

If you need support, contact our team.

7. Test Yourself!

After studying the topics, test yourself to determine if you understand the lesson. For the theory component of ELDT, create a mock test you can try answering. It serves as your practice run for the theory test.

By testing your knowledge, you can determine your mistakes and weaknesses. Further, this allows you to identify the areas that need more studying. As a result, you can guarantee that you will pass the ELDT theory test.

When you take the mock test or the final examination, be sure to read and understand the questions. If you get stuck, skip and move on to avoid wasting time. After finishing, review your answers if you have time.

Ace Your ELDT Course

Having new truck drivers receive enough training ensures there are safer roads and fewer accidents.

Online CDL Course offers a theory-focused ELDT course that is guaranteed to help you. Studying with us ensures that you learn everything you need to know. If you have questions about our courses, you can contact us here!

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